FirstPerson Services Launches New England Operations

Hopefully you’ve heard about the launch of FirstPerson Services this past January. It’s an exciting start to this new venture to strengthen person centered approaches in all levels and sectors of our human services systems in the Northeast; including many of our leading nonprofits.

FirstPerson Services are designed to support:
Agency Directors – Ensuring that your agency attends to your mission of person-centered care as a core value

Employees – Helping you design a smart approach to providing the right skill training to the right people

State Agencies – Facilitating the implementation of person centered system of care

Provider Agencies – Creating effective communication strategies and collaborative engagement between the various levels of a service delivery system. Strengthening recruitment and retention of valued employees
Credentialed Person-Centered Thinking (PCT) Facilitators – Helping to solve the problem of isolation, diminished passion and how to access the knowledge gained by the experience of others in different sectors and audiences

Parent Advocates and Self-Advocates – Providing assistance in self-managed services and active participation in service planning. Learning discovery processes to explore ways to introduce yourself and your loved ones to those who are paid to provide assistance in a way that helps them get an early understanding of personal gifts and value and how to keep what is important to you in mind in a balanced way.

Get in touch to learn more at:


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